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Hi! I'm Locke.

Thanks for stopping by! I'm a writer, content strategist and health coach.

I've worked on staff as a senior-level editor and writer at ShapeGreatist, and WebMD.  As a freelance writer, I contribute to sites such as Women's Health, SELF, Bumble, The Today Show, The Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, Domino, Thrillist, Redbook, Refinery29, and more.

Learn more about my writing, coaching, and consulting services here. 


Want to Unlock
your healthiest self?

As an Emory-certified health coach, my mission is to people rediscover what it means to feel truly healthy and happy.

Working with me, you’ll learn how to make small yet effective changes that work for your body in the long run.


Recent Writing

From protein powders to positive psychology, I love covering health and lifestyle topics with a research-based perspective and a personal touch. 


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